The training phase of the Awaken DTS is located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii which is on BIG island of Hawaii.
The Awaken Discipleship Training School is a 6-month long program. Approximately three months will be spent in Kona in a training setting and three months will be spent in the nations for practical application of what was learned. We also then return to Kona after outreach to process the whole season and then continue some training for how we sustain following Jesus for the rest of our lives regardless of location or vocation.
We typically run multiple Discipleship Training Schools a year. Click on the Apply tab above to see when the upcoming schools are.
Our school has a number of specific nations that we are trying to really commit to in SE Asia, the Middle East and even in Europe. We also try to allow some room for freedom between each school. Allowing for each unique group of school leaders and staff to be lead by God.

Teams are typically between 8-12 people. Thus, the number of teams depends on the amount of students. Most schools in the last few years have sent teams to about 10 countries touching ground on almost every continent.

All DTS’s have the DNA of Youth With A Mission; to know God and make Him known by completing the Great Commission. However, within the broad community of YWAM little tribes, or families, form. The Awaken DTS started with a bunch of unlikely friends who didn’t have it all together, but they knew they wanted God.

We believe that the fulfillment of the Great Commission must always flow from the fulfillment of the Great Commandment to love God. Plans, programs and people must come as an overflow of seeking the presence of God and falling in love. Naturally from this place our school seems to focus a lot on familycommunity, creativity and how to multiply these things. We want to see people, both Christians and nonbelievers, awakened to the reality that the God of the Bible is the God of today.

We are unique family amidst many amazing DTS families around the world.

The cost is between $8,000-10,000 USD, but if you are from a developing nation there are discounts available. The money is all-inclusive (besides flights to and from your home to Kona). The truing phase tuition pays for operation of the DTS, speakers, housing, food, ministry. The outreach portion pays for your flight from Kona to your location, all food, housing, transportation and miscellaneous expenses on outreach. Awaken Staff and YWAM staff are not paid, but rely on relational support from churches, friends, businesses and family members.
There are many ways! Most people do some combination of working and saving mixed with support raising. Here are some tips from staff to get you thinking;

  • Be in prayer for finances, if you aren’t praying you are relying on yourself.
  • Work hard and be diligent in saving money leading up to a DTS.
  • Selling stuff is a good way to show people and God you are willing to do whatever you can.
  • Be real, share your heart, people will know and see genuine desire and vision.
  • Try to be straight forward, don’t write a letter then secretly try to sneak in asking for support in the last line. If you are asking for support, ask for support.
  • I recommend talking to people in person or on the phone. This might seem hard, but it is personal. Sticking letters in mailboxes is impersonal and feels like solicitation to people. This is key to understanding support because God could help you win the lotto, but he wants to build a community around you. He wants relationships to grow more than he wants $$ in your pocket. He even wants you dependent on people, it teaches us humility!
  • Get creative, host an event, throw a party, sell cookies at your church, have people donate stuff and do a garage sale, have someone you know play music and have a little concert then at these events you can share what you are doing and give letters to people.
Here is what you can expect when you get here:

  • We know your flights and we will provide transportation to campus and the airport is tiny!
  • You will check in for the school and take care of some logistics.
  • Then we will help you and your luggage find your room.
  • Start to meet staff and students.
  • Relax you are in Kona! Get some rest!
  • The next day we will have a welcome and orientation day!
  • Then a couple days later the full training phase will begin. 
Should I bring my computer?

A laptop computer is not essential. However, it is useful during the lecture phase for taking notes, connecting with those you love back home and preparing for outreach. The Kona campus has a wifi, so a laptop with wireless capability can access the internet (Mac and PC compatible). Whether or not you should bring your laptop on outreach is up to you. You can store it on campus during your outreach, or mail it home as you prefer.

Will I use my guitar or other instruments?

A guitar is a great item to bring. It can be used during class worship times in Kona and also on outreach, as long as you don’t mind carrying it! If you play other instruments that can travel easily and may be beneficial to those around you, bring them! Storage will be provided if you elect to bring your instrument to Kona, but do not wish to take it on outreach.

Can I bring my cell phone?

It is fine to bring your cell phone, and it can be a great way to stay in touch with friends and family back at home! Each dorm room is equipped with a land-line phone if you elect not to bring your own. If you do bring your cellphone, you will be asked to not use it during lectures, meetings and other class activities.

What about bringing a camera?

If you have access to a digital camera it should come along. Photography one sweet way to communicate with people once you are back home. Plus, we are all an artistic bunch and desire to use these gifts for fun and for the glory of God!

Can I bring my iPod?

Yes, you can as long as listening to your music won’t be a distraction or hindrance to your social interaction and to what the Lord wants to do in your life.

Sample Packing List

*Goal* 1 Checked Bag under 50 lbs & 1 smaller carry on

– Ticket, ID, Passport & a Copy of it.
– Cash & Debit/Credit Cards
– Money Belt
– Bible, Books, Journal, Pens
– Folder for Documents

– Prescription Meds
– Other Meds (Advil, Sudafed, Cough Drops, Diarrhea Med, Lax, Mucinex, Cold Med)
– Personal Items, Toiletries, Soaps, Shampoos
– Vitamin C, Multivitamins
– Hand Sanitizer, Chapstick, Sunscreen

Clothes (Average Temperatures 70 – 90 F)
– Minimum 10-14 days for undies and socks
– Swim suit & athletic clothes
– Poncho, Raincoat, Garbage Bags for Waterproofing
– A few dress outfits for teaching/preaching
– Shoes (Casual, Dress, Flippy-Floppys)

– Sleepsac or Sleeping Bag
– Pillow pillow case
– Towel
– Plug Adapter & Transformer
– Laptop, Camera, Phone, Chargers
– Headlight or Flashlight
– Games, Cards
– Nalgene

More Questions?