The Awaken DTS is carrying momentum from last summer’s DTS! We are waiting in anticipation for what God has for this next group! ARE YOUR READY?

From the site:

The Awaken DTS this summer is the integration of all the very best things God has called the Discipleship Training School to be.   It will propel you into the most radical movement of global transformation the world has ever known! A movement of people who are consumed with a passion to intimately know Jesus and translate His life into every setting they find themselves in.

The Awaken DTS will include key elements such as:

-Learning to hear and obey God’s voice

-Coming to know the Bible as God’s handbook for life

-Understanding the world we live in and the importance of worship, intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare

-Discovering and walking in your God-given identity & destiny in Christ

In an effort to integrate these and other elements of the DTS into the believer’s life, we’ll use a variety of methodologies, such as classroom teaching, group intercessory prayer and worship, small groups, one-on-one mentoring, living and working together in community, and evangelism outreach.

Are you ready to be stirred up, spurred on, and ruined for the ordinary? Are you are ready to embark on a journey in search of God, in search of your destiny? Are you ready to take on the greatest commission ever given? Are you ready to go to the nations? The world awaits – take the step, make your mark and prepare to never be the same again. Come join the Awaken DTS this summer and we will journey together.

The field assignment

During the DTS outreach phase, you will be putting into practice all you have learned. Taking the Gospel to places where people may have never even heard the name of Jesus and participating in expanding God’s kingdom. This portion of the DTS is 12 weeks long and will take place overseas. Outreach activities will include evangelism, mercy ministries, teaching, preaching, and reaching out to present Jesus in a variety of other creative ways, which you’ll help to shape.

Course dates and fees – To be Announced


For more details go to Frequently Asked Questions or email [email protected]