Arrival Day! What to Expect & FAQ

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Arrival Day is coming up quickly! Here is some information you will need upon arrival and preparing to come. Here is the general schedule for arrival:

  1. Arrive to Kona! (Thursday July 7 )
  2. We will meet you on the sidewalk at the airport by someone with a UofN Kona sign.We will provide transportation to campus (20 minutes away). Don’t worry its a tiny airport!
  3. You will be directed to your room to settle in
  4. Come to the Ohana Court to meet the staff!
  5. Relax you are in Kona! Get some rest!
  6. Friday Morning you will eat breakfast 7:00 AM and then go to the Ohana Court  at 7: 50 PM to get connected to the campus (Insurance, Work Duties, YWAM Student ID issue)
  7. Friday Evening will be the Welcome Ceremony in the Ohana Court

Where is everything on campus? (click the thumbnail below for campus map)

map of YWAM Kona

How do I get from Kona International Airport to the campus on arrival day?

On Arrival Day in Kona, we will meet you on the sidewalk at the airport by someone with a UofN Kona sign.We will provide transportation to campus (20 minutes away). If you are not able to find a greeter, please telephone us at (808)326-4421.

What are the beginning and end dates for my DTS?

DTS starting date for 2010 is July 7. The lecture phase for each DTS is 12 weeks. The end date of the DTS is December 16th

Should I bring my laptop computer?

A laptop computer is not essential, as we have a computer lab just for DTS students. However, it is useful during the lecture phase, for taking notes and doing homework. The Kona campus has a wireless network, so a laptop with wireless capability can access the internet (Mac and PC compatible). Whether or not you should bring your laptop on outreach is up to you. You can store it on campus during your outreach, or mail it home as you prefer.

Should I bring my guitar or other instruments?

A guitar is a great item to bring. It can be used during class worship times in Kona and also on outreach, as long as you don’t mind carrying it! If you play other instruments that can travel easily and may be beneficial to those around you, bring them! Storage will be provided if you elect to bring your instrument to Kona, but do not wish to take it on outreach.

Can I bring my cell phone?

It is fine to bring your cell phone, and it can be a great way to stay in touch with friends and family back at home! Each dorm room is equipped with a land-line phone if you elect not to bring your own. If you do bring your cellphone, you will be asked to turn it off during lectures, meetings and other class activities.

What about bringing a camera?

If you have access to a digital camera / camcorder, it is definitely recommended! You can capture the memories of your DTS for a lifetime and share your experience with your loved ones at home.

Can I bring my iPod / MP3 Player / CD player?

Yes, you can as long as listening to your music won’t be a distraction or hindrance to your social interaction and to what the Lord wants to do in your life.

MORE FAQ’s on the U of N YWAM Kona Website