Becoming Sons & Daughters

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This past week we had the amazing honor of having Adam Cox from the Boiler Room in Kansas City come share ‘The God Story’ with us. Adam has had a huge role of speaking into the central heart and theme of the Awaken DTS in years past and has really taken the Awaken Family in as friends and peers. Many of this year’s staff spent the month of January in his home and church, so it was like welcoming family back when Adam took the stage on the 30th.

If one were to boil down the week into two statements I think it would look similar to:

  • We are SONS & DAUGHTERS of a FATHER whose furious and unrelenting love has always and will always pursue our hearts and who longs for relationship with us, his children.
  • We are part of a KINGDOM FAMILY that has a story and the story is one that starts in a garden and ends in a city; with twists and turns along the way, ultimately the Father’s love and the Son’s life and death has given us a Spirit that continually calls us to be a part of the Story and to come Home.

Adam took us through what he calls ‘The God Story’ which is the story of Genesis through Revelation. He took the Bible and made it come alive through telling us a story of a Father, a Son, and sons & daughters. Hearts were captivated and consumed for the first time by the living Scriptures, words that many thought before to be boring, dull, and old.”The world is waiting for one story; the story is a man, the word made flesh. It is good news of great joy for all people!” Adam said.

“When the Good News of Jesus slams into your heart and touches the deepest parts and wounds it results in great joy! . . . We know so much about Jesus that we’ve lost our fascination with who He is . . . He lived the life we could not live and died the death we should have, regained our forfeited authority, and gave us His favored place before the throne . . . If you don’t change your mind about Jesus, everything you’ll ever want will always be just out of reach.”

Not only did he reveal The God Story, he also took us deeper into the meaning and reality of being a son and daughter of the Father and in contrast what it means to be an orphan and slave.

  • Sons & Daughters: the soul is at rest, the yoke is easy, the burden is light; knows that they are delighted in and treasured; the joy of choosing the Father replaces the trauma of the heart; prays from a place of rest in the soul.
  • Orphans & Slaves: living the ‘soul’ life, fighting for what they have because they believe they will never get more; weary, burdened, ‘wise & learned’, living out of performance, independence; prays from a place of wanting attention.

Day after day, Adam called us home. He called us home to become sons and daughters again and shake off the chains of the orphan spirit. He called us to move from a place of weariness, performance, fighting for what we have and to “feed on the love of your Father, its your destiny and design to be delighted in! The only spiritual warfare is knowing you are a son of God. Why would you want something that is already yours and has been given to you? Spiritual warfare is agreeing that you are the beloved.”

Testimonies from this pivotal week were filled with Kingdom family language of sons and daughters being embraced in the arms of the Father for the first time, feeling His true love become a reality in their hearts like never before, and being invited into this old and beautiful Kingdom Family Story.


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