Come Home Sons and Daughters!

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Come Home Sons and Daughters

This week, my mind was blown (again). Adam Cox, our speaker brought the revelation for 4 straight days through the whole bible that the whole God story was one of a heavenly Father wanting sons and daughters.

So many times, we discredit or pass over quickly the core things of our faith and this is included. I am a son of God. Done, nexttttt topic. This however is at the very core of our belief and unlocks our true identity. This separates all of the religions of the world with Christianity. A God that wants relationship, but relationship doesn’t do justice to what he is actually yearning for. God wants a family.

For a brief period of time in the beginning in the Garden of Eden, he had family. Adam and Eve walking with God probably eating and drinking with Him. Then came the fall to temptation which was actually a acceptance of belief that the Father couldn’t be trusted. The Enemy brought his atmosphere of fear, condemnation and rebellion and disconnected a son and daughter who as a result adopted the identity of orphans. This identity says I’m not worthy of the Love of God (shame) or I can do everything on my own and fight for all the things I get myself or I am afraid of a trusting relationship (mistrust). It is counter to the identity of son or daughter which is one of trust, love, sacrifice, generosity and peace.

The seed of the orphan spread through humanity with a patient Father trying to reconnect. He tried making new covenant after new covenant that would reestablish “his people” a.k.a his Family, his sons and daughters. This was in fact his plan of discipleship of the human race, since He is sovereign and knows the outcome at the end of the Age. Like a loving father, he knows that sometimes kids learn best the hard way. When he tried with the Isrealites after sealing the Covenant, the God of all creation came down and ate with Moses and the 70 elders (Exo 24). A few chapters later, we see the Israelites rejecting God and turning back to worshipping idols. This is our Father! He wants to eat and drink with us knowing the rejection coming. He’s a good father. It is again echo’ed in the marking of the New Convenant of Jesus (the exact representation of the Father) at the Last Supper. Again, rejection was in the very room in form of Judas, yet He makes a covenant of family knowing what is ahead of Him. God the Father is always knocking on the door of our hearts patiently saying to us, “Come Home, Sons and Daughters, Come Home”! He wants to dine with you and introduce you to the family.

When we accept the Father’s invitation into the family, we gain freedom because our identity moves from orphans and slaves to sons in the love of the Father. We trust the Father and walk in his ways and achieve freedom and peace and then we can introduce the orphans of the world to their true Father in heaven and their true identity as a son or daughter.

And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. -John 17:3

When we accept Jesus we take on the family name and become co-heirs with Him and are seated in heavenly places. It’s the Father’s good pleasure to give us His Kingdom! Are you still feeling unworthy? I pray that the Spirit of Adoption enters you and your spirit cries out DADDY to our Father in heaven. All creation is waiting and groaning for you to be revealed as a son or daughter and live with the Father as he dwells and lives with you.

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