Amy's Faith Journey Experience

Faith Journey

Faith. A simple concept yet so complex to the human mind. Faith is stretched thin each and every day because God wants us to lean solely on Him, but yet so often we guide ourselves because we don’t trust God is who He says He is. We limit Him because we place Him in a box, sealed with locks and chains…bound by our own passions and desires and control over our own lives. Allowing Him to step one foot out of the box is such a struggle because it allows that much more rawness and vision of things that our minds can’t comprehend. We as humans hate to be in a place of vulnerability.

I had the opportunity to take a faith journey with God. Letting him outside the box…putting myself to the side. And he opened my eyes to much more: “It was hot and humid as I stepped one foot in front of the other on the hot pavement waving my left thumb in the air hoping to catch a ride. Seconds seemed like minutes and minutes seemed like hours and I never thought we would get a ride. Sweat dripping over my brow, I wiped it with my hands and started to feel like we weren’t going to get a ride. After surrendering myself and proclaiming my needs through honest prayer, a small white car pulls off the the side of the road yelling for our group to pile in. My little legs couldn’t have run faster to that car as we piled in, 4 in the front seat, 4 in the back. Crammed and sweaty we all smiled at each other and instantly felt God’s presence…why we doubted Him to begin with was beyond us. As we neared the airport (where God had told us to go) there was a gust of wind over the trees and a helicopter emerged off in the distance and we knew we were close to our destination. We piled out of the car, grabbed hands, prayed and thanked God for getting us there. Not sure where the journey would take us from there, we set out completely guided by God. I got a phone call from a woman from Maui (where we were thinking God was going to send us for the day) asking how we were doing. Telling her that we had no idea but felt like God was trying to send us on a plane ride somewhere, she interrupted and said to go to Mukalele Airlines at the end of the airport and talk to the guy at the desk. We felt like God was speaking through her, so we started our walk to the end of the airport. Passing industrial buildings and parking lots we weren’t even sure we were heading in the right direction when all of a sudden we spotted the airline hanger and the check in desk. As we walked up, unsure of what we were supposed to do, we gathered as a group in front of another building and began to pray for God’s continued guidance. As we stood there a man walked out, his name was Rafael. We asked if we could pray for him and he agreed. We blessed him by just praying for revelation of God in his life. We parted ways and I felt a desire to go back to talk to him. I told the group I would be right back and walked into the building he was in and told him I had no idea why I was there or why I felt like I needed to keep talking to him. The owner was standing with him at the time and looks to him and says, “do we have an open seat on the 2pm flight?” Rafael says yes and the owner told him to give me the seat for free. A free helicopter flight around the island. I brought the news back to the group and in awe and amazement we began to thank God for this opportunity and to highlight who it was he wanted to send up. After deep prayer and intense consideration, God highlighted me to go up. When the helicopter took off….I heard in my headset the song, “I’m Alive” by Celine Dion, my favorite song and artist EVER. The lyrics that hit me hard were: I get wings to fly, I know I’m alive. It was as if God himself said to me, “I will give you wings to fly and bring you to life through revelation of who I am.” I began to cry not because I was sad but in pure joy and happiness.

Because we as a group let God outside of his box, we allowed him to do above and beyond what we ever imagined. We limit God to just what we can see, or feel or hear at the present time BUT God is so much bigger than that. This faith journey lesson was simple: I placed God in a box and when I released him he was able to give me wings to fly to see a bigger perspective of who He really is. He gave me a birds eye view of the magnitude of this splendor and glory! When we limit God, we miss out on the life he intended for us…but when we release Him and let him do His work, he goes above and beyond and blows our minds!!

God is ALWAYS at work in our lives. We need to be quick to look back and see how He has always provided for us than to look forward with doubt that He can take care of the future. We are on an incredible journey of trust in Him….one that proves the practicality that He is who He says He is. We KNOW He will take care of us, we BELIEVE He will and in that knowing and believing HE is refining our character in that of a simple reflection of Jesus himself. One that ALWAYS believes in God’s way about things as the best and only way. One that rejoices in whatever trials come knowing that these trials are the continued refining of Christ’s character instead of our own, of His unwavering trust in place of our dwindling belief, of His unfathomable love covering even our attempts at expressing kindness to other people. It is not a perfecting of me…..but a lessing of me and an increasing of Christ’s character in what people are met with when they encounter us. We are not working at it, we aren’t perfecting our acting chops, we are simply waking up claiming salvation in Jesus Christ…..everything else is HIS doing.

I am just a self-focused introvert who awes in the miracle of Christ’s character overcoming my life every single day. I am humbled, grateful and inspired to do nothing more than just fall to my knees in pure abandonment and claim it over and over and over. I have walked the road of “fixing myself” too many times and I KNOW that there is no true victory in fixing myself…only disheartening and arrogant pride. My joy is in what HE has done and what HIS victory does in my life ever single day with every single person I encounter. I wake up, put on the armor and just stand. The story of the armor never says fight, but to just stand. In standing…Christ’s character is what is on display and no temptation or trial or discouragement from being seen or unseen can take away the joy and victory of HIM conquering it all. This is my foundation…this one truth is the only thing that makes me who I am. Who people know me to be. Without Him, I am nothing and I have nothing to live for. We have a choice to place him in a box and limit is capabilities to blow our minds or we can accept that He is who He says He is and allow him to blow our minds each and every moment of every day.

We don’t buy a new computer or DVD or board game and keep it inside the box…no we pull it out to allow it to work properly and efficiently as we sit in awe and amazement. God should be no different, for he created everything within the world and knows exactly how it works. Let him guide us to a place of raw and honest surrender as he walks us to a place of mind blowing joy which he intended for all. Break the walls of the box and set him FREE!

by Amy Handegard, Student in Awaken DTS