Learning to Fear God: He is Big Enough & Good Enough

Week 7 // Matt Rawlins // Fear of the Lord and Character & Nature of God

As Kat would say, Matt was our “most mature speaker” with over 30 years of experience within and outside of YWAM. Matt Rawlins flew from his home in Singapore to speak to us about the Fear of the Lord and God’s Character and Nature. Though later on in the school, he brought the foundation and the crux to everything else we have been learning and walking through.

I was told once that we believe the Enemy is so crafty and tricky and cunning, but when it comes down to it he really only lies about two things: how big God is and how good God is. We will believe or the Enemy will make us believe that God is not big enough or that God is not good enough, his nature is not substantial and his character is not good.


  • Power
  • Wisdom
  • Honor
  • Lord
  • Nature is always a question of capacity or “able”-ness
    (He is capable or He has the ability to…)
  • Knowing God’s nature leads us and brings us to reverence or respect for Him.


  • Choices
  • Love
  • Savior
  • Relationship
  • Character is always about what you do with your nature
    (Because he is able to he will choose to…)
  • Knowing God’s character leads you into intimacy with Him.


He went on to explain that our greatest struggle is that we ourselves are not God. We can make good choices, choices that are like His, but we do not have the capacity (or nature) that God does. His character and His nature are the two legs of our faith, we must have both and we need both to walk. He is “both and”.

Matt said, “God chooses (out of His character) to adore us. Love is a choice rooted in value. He has chosen covenant love with us . . . There is no goodness in being something you can’t help being or that you naturally are.” So there is so much abounding goodness in the love of God because we know it’s His choice. It’s out of His character that He loves us, not His nature. If it was His nature, there wouldn’t be any sort of goodness because it’s just who he is. But since His love for us is His choice, that is true love.

My prayer for you is that you being to grasp the character and the nature of God, and through the revelation of how big and how good He is you begin to fear Him. Let His nature bring you to a place of incredible admiration and respect for our Creator God who extended the galaxies out of His fingertips and whose single words hold our world together. Let His character lead you into sweet intimacy and sonship by His vulnerable death on a cross so that we would no longer have to hide behind our miserable fig leaves, but we could have complete love out of His choosing.

Coming Soon: A Student’s testimony of Week 6’s Faith Journeys!

If you want to read more of Matt’s thoughts go to: http://www.ywamdtscentre.com/ywamers/matt/transformation.htm and check out his other posts too!