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Orphan no More

“Father, who am I? What is my mission in life?”





God is distant and cold–hardly a father at all. God certainly wouldn’t bother communicating with me and express his love…doesn’t he have more important things to take care of? Even if I could talk with him, I’m sure it would take a good deal of work to get on his good side so he’d begin to show me favor. On top of that, I better get my act together before approaching him. I wouldn’t want him to see how messy my life has been lately. Maybe someday I’ll achieve favorable status with God and he’ll begin to show me his will and use me. Not today. Not like this.

This sounds like an extreme case, but is it really all that uncommon? Threads of this deceitful spirit weave their way into our lives and distort our view of God. Old emotional wounds fester and turn into walls of bitterness in our hearts; we’ve had to strive for approval from authority figures and we’ve been hurt. Instead of taking these issues to the Lord and receiving his healing love, too often we project this flawed view of authority onto him. This is the essence of the orphan spirit. It would have us believe that God’s heart isn’t for us–that we must somehow earn his favor and hope for the best.

This orphan spirit is the first thing Ivan Roman addressed before getting into the particulars of how God speaks and how we can discern his will. We had the privilege of hearing from Ivan all week, and I’m certain that it challenged all of us and changed the way we view our Heavenly Father. The orphan spirit would have us believe that God is not good and that we must earn his favor before he will begin to use us for his purposes and reveal his will. These claims could not be farther from the truth, but the enemy is crafty.

This week was a week of breakthrough and freedom in the area of father and authority issues. We must first believe that God is GOOD and wants to have an intimate relationship before we can truly walk in freedom with him! The reality is that he is ready to love us as soon as we LET him! He’s there–he lives inside us. He is ready to rock our worlds and blow our minds once we cease from striving and simply open ourselves up to him. Man was created to be in perfect relationship with God, but sin severed the intimacy we were intended for. Now instead of being guided by the Spirit we’re governed by our minds and our intellects. Choices are naturally made according to what benefits us and makes sense to the rational man. God wants to take us back to a place of intimacy and teach us how to once again be led by his SPIRIT! We only need to let him in and allow him to love us. It will get messy at times, but he’s there to pick us up and walk with us. He’s a GOOD FATHER!

This was the overarching theme of the week. God is ready to use us, lead us, and change us. We need to believe that he is good and have faith that he’ll fulfill his promises to us! The Holy Spirit was no stranger to our pavilion this week–prophetic ministry and the presence of God abounded in our midst. It’s hard to maintain doubt regarding his goodness when you can feel his peace and love in the room!

We were challenged and encouraged by Ivan’s stories of God’s faithfulness and power, and we also got a glimpse of God’s sense of humor. Ivan’s humble approach and heart of honor and respect was an inspiration and example for all.

I’ll close by sharing a few last nuggets from Ivan I scratched down on my notepad throughout the week…

  • Stop dwelling on what doesn’t happen or God didn’t do. Live by what he does and has done for us!!
  • The Lord is ALWAYS good, even when we don’t understand or see the outcome we expected.
  • The Lord’s ability to KEEP you is stronger than the enemy’s ability to DECEIVE you.
  • Friends of God hear his secrets. Become a friend of God.
  • Adam and Eve walked with God, but he lives in us! They heard his voice. What’s stopping us?

The 12 tribes of Israel were unique in their purpose, function, and expression. They were united under two things, however: Worship and Warfare. Likewise, the body of Christ has incredible diversity. We are also united by worship and warfare. We worship the living, infinite, personal God of the Bible; we are at war with the one who desires to steal, kill, and destroy. Fortunately, we know the outcome of the war and we’ve been given authority from the King.


Written by Student, Eric Zoesch