Week 1 Surrender to Love

Surrender to Love

“Do you know the way he’s pursuing you! Do you know the way he’s after you!”

Silence sweeping across the room, Chase’s voice echoed through their ears, “Today is the day of freedom!”

The crashing reality of the Father’s pursuit started creeping in.

He continued, “If anybody feels like they haven’t encountered this love, I’m going to ask you to be bold and stand up, and I want to pray for you.”

Hearts kept pounding, eyes began glancing, walls started trembling.

Slowly, the dam began to crack.

Drip, Drop.

Then, amidst more than a hundred people, one young woman stood.

“That’s a really bold move,” Chase’s voice choked, “and I want you to know that the Father sees that, and he sees your heart. He’s been waiting for that.” He prayed that she would radically experience His love.

“Anybody else?” Chase continued, his offer still open.

Drip, Drop.

The Holy Spirit kept knocking on the door of every heart.

Another person stood up, a guy this time. After Chase boldly prayed for him, silence seemed to take over the crowd. Was the breakthrough coming to an end? Perhaps.

“I’m going to give you a few more seconds,” He said, silently contending for more.

Though cracked, the dam still stood. Seconds passed. Silence remained.

And then finally, one more woman straightened her knees. One more prayer to the Father for the release of His love’s reality!

No one could deny the Holy Spirit tangibly moving, but how many more would stand among the masses?

Then finally, after silence settled once more, one of the staff rose and she proclaimed, “Don’t let fear hold you back from going after the Father’s heart, guys! He’s here and he’s wanting to give it to you!”

The Father’s love began radically penetrating every heart in the room.

She continued, “I feel like there’s more! If there are, then just be bold! You’re courageous men and women of God! If you guys are fighting it, then just stand up. You will have breakthrough, and you will encounter the LOVE OF GOD!”

Then it happened. The dam collapsed.


Unable to contain the desire to know Him more, the students began standing. One by one, the Love of God overcame them! Then, without hesitation, the school transitioned into corporate ministry for one another. The labels of staff or student fell as the crashing revelation of God’s perfect love dropped upon every soul in the room. Come on!

Each day of the first week provided personal breakthrough in the area of God’s love. Each staff shared his or her testimony of how the Lord God, despite themselves, eventually overtook their heart. Whether their background spells “saint” or “sinner,” each person on staff realized that life isn’t life at all without embracing the LOVE of the Living God.

On Wednesday, the staff announced outreach locations, and by Friday afternoon, the teams were decided. The locations include: Nepal, Cambodia, Fiji, Mongolia, China, Amsterdam, Africa, the Middle East (approx. 3 teams), Spain, and Ireland. Teams are set. Families are growing. Nations are waiting!

Perhaps this has been the most anointed and radical first week of a DTS in history. In only one week, the Holy Spirit built true friendships that will last an eternity, laid a spiritually sound foundation that he will build upon for the rest of DTS, and revealed himself in radical new ways.

Typically, each week, a speaker will share on one theme about God. This first week looked differently, with each staff sharing his or her testimony instead, but each one proved to contain the same DNA. If the Lord intertwined one theme throughout this entire first week, from testimony after testimony to personal and corporate breakthrough, it would be the complete and radical surrender to the reality of His love. My friends, that is the gospel. And we’ve only barely scratched the surface…

From a student’s perspective: http://ericzoesch.com/rehab-to-religion-and-fiji/