The Reality of God

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Week 5, we had a speaker new to the Awaken Family. Christian Gonzalez from Kansas City came with fresh vision from the Kingdom on the power and use of language/words, our physical existence and existences of the things around us, and the consumption of media to point others to or away from the reality of God. With his long resume of successful and prestigious ventures, Christian’s very literal and “logical” teachings exposed an even more real and more tangible Kingdom.

Christian opened the week talking about ‘language’. He said, “We have words to describe reality . . . We get words from realities and we use words to talk about realities; more words and signs make the reality clearer. The texture of reality and ideas are needed and are the result of words . . . Words are mediators to reality.” He walked us through a picture of a triangle (attempted to be depicted below) and showed us how words and signs, emotions and ideas, and reality are all connected together. Then walking through different eras of thought (Scientific Method and Post-Modern Movement) he showed us how the triangle was created to be a picture of the Trinity.

Okay– track with me for a second. If we take this triangle above and I tell you that it’s true intention is to be the triangle below, let’s take a look at what the new triangle is saying.

Christian said, “Your need to use language is dependent on the reality of Jesus Christ. Jesus (through words and signs) tells us of the reality of God (the only true reality) and leaves us the Holy Spirit to give us the true ideas (emotions) about God.” –keep tracking. The best way to get the actual and true ideas of reality are from the reality itself, right? Well what better than to have the Holy Spirit tell us what to think and feel about God, our true reality! And to have Jesus Christ give us the gift of the Holy Spirit and his words and signs to point us to the Father! –Did you get it all?

So needless to say, our brains were engaged more than ever before.

The rest of the days were spent discussing how we use our language for either the Kingdom of Light or the kingdom of darkness. He went through our use and consumption of movies, music, literature, and any other form of media. In the garden we were created to be transparent windows and signs to the reality of who God is. Since the garden, we’ve strayed in every way possible from being clear signs to the Kingdom. The songs we listen to, the movies we watch, the magazines or books we read, even the words and language (words, actions, emotions) we use aren’t always pointing people to the Father.

“Is Jesus a real enough reality for us to radically change our signs and language?”

— Christian Gonzalez