Interested in Missional Community Living? Join us in Barcelona, Spain for a 3 month Internship!

Casa Libertad (Awaken Spain Community Plant) is located in the heart of a diverse neighborhood. We desired to be placed “in the thick of it” and God answered that prayer. We have neighbors from Cuba, Pakistan, India, Mexico, and of course Spain. Just by living in the neighborhood we have had open doors to talk to people about Jesus and invite them to share a meal with us.

For the internship we will pull you into what we are already doing! We are working on our sustainable rhythm of life together in 3 ways:

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  • We have a rhythm of worship/prayer/study of the word two-times-a-week together.
  • Investing in and attending a local church (there are some that offer english translation)
  • We also hold each other accountable for our times with the Lord individually as well as his word in our lives.


  • We eat 4 set meals together a week (at least)
  • We have a intentional family time each week (one of the meal times)
  • We have a Small Discipleship Group
  • We do a once a month worship time called “First Friday/Primer Viernes”
  • Community Stewardship: Once a week house cleaning, Daily personal room cleaning


  • We are involved in ministries in the church and seek to share Jesus whenever possible
  • We seek to be intentional in our daily life and seek opportunities to minister wherever we are and when we are prompted by the Spirit
  • We invite new friends in to our meals and to stay at our house

Internship Program Specifics

An intern would enter into the above rhythms as well as:

  • Spanish Classes 2-times-a-week (to understand language learning in missions)
  • 1 book a month (Possibilities: Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Leading Missional Communities by Mike Breen and others)
  • Shadow all functions of the house (Logistics, Finances, Hospitality, Cleaning, Cooking, Groceries)
  • Attend/help in one ministry in a local church
  • Once a month blog post/video project/photo project processing time
  • Once every 2 weeks cultural outing to experience the heart of the people

Covers housing, food, city transportation, language learning, cultural outings, books

Barcelona, Spain


Ryan working on art project



The Impact of Community Living

Each one of us in community could write a lot about how much we have learned in our time here. I think Ryan does a great job of summing it up:

A huge part of why God lead me here was to just BE IN COMMUNITY. I am learning more than ever what LOVE actually means. How love is not so much as a feeling that you receive but a selfless gift you give to someone. How receiving love is to give, share and serve. If God is love, then we ought to be love also, and what better place to practice than a community who believes and is practicing the same love as you. And without this love how are we supposed to show that Jesus is love and that he is all about it to non-believers?

– Ryan Moreno, Awaken Spain Community Plant

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Pray about coming out and living with us! If you have any questions, message [email protected]


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