Awaken is just a small part of a larger network of movements seeking to establish God's kingdom through different spheres of society. Below are some amazing resources to opportunities going beyond DTS. Each one of them is a friend and comes highly recommended to partner with. 


YWAM Beyond

YWAM Beyond is here to serve those YWAMers called by God to their home countries and into spheres of society. This looks like providing resources, one-on-one/small group coaching, and encouragement to help recreate discipleship communities where they are at. 


Circuit Riders

Circuit Riders is a grassroots movement of young people who are carrying the love of Jesus. They are a national family of activists and creatives who are committed to reaching our generation with Jesus' love and catalyzing change. Their initiatives include Carry the Love, Ekballo Project, 21 Project, and more.

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The Couch

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Discipleship Bible School (DBS)

DBS is a YWAM second-level school for those who have already completed a DTS. In this 12-week introduction to the Bible, you will be given an overview of “God’s story”. In small groups, you will read through the entire Bible, observe the chronology of biblical events, better understand each book in its historical context, view the harmony between the books, and be able to recognize the major themes. You will learn how to read the Word, lead others through inductive Bible studies, and be able to share an overview of the Bible’s story and the impact it has on your life. We get to do all of this in a community centered on God’s presence.