Discipleship Training Schools are 6-month adventures through Youth With A Mission (YWAM) where you will spend the first 3 months living in missions-focused communities learning about and being discipled in living out your faith, followed by approximately 3 months living as a boots-on-the-ground missionary, discipling the nations.

The Awaken Discipleship Training School (DTS) at YWAM Kona aims to awaken hearts to the great commandment of loving God, overflowing into the second greatest commandment of loving each other and the lost. We are a part of a much broader movement of God on the earth that is awakening a whole generation to the reality of God and complete lordship to Jesus. It is obedience based faith fueled by seeking the presence of God in humility and allowing his love and grace to transform us both individually and corporately.


3 Months
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

This portion of the school is really focused on training and creating a culture of awakened people. Transformation must first come inside of us before we can multiply it. As a DTS community we come before the Lord daily to learn from Him, radically apply the word of God to our lives, and take the message of Jesus to the streets. We will have Biblical rhythms set into our schedule just like in the early church:

  • Modular teaching by leaders in the Body of Christ

  • Application times of training and Bible Study

  • Living, eating and serving in Community

  • Prayer and Worship

  • Community outreach in Kona

  • Small groups within the Larger school

  • One-on-one Discipleship

Topics may include: testimonies, character and nature of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, hearing God’s voice, lordship and surrender, Biblical worldview, Biblical study, prayer and worship, revival and reformation, spiritual warfare, missions and evangelism and many others.


10 Weeks
The Nations

After having your own heart transformed, your mind trained, and a family created, we will set out for the nations! As you spend time living in a different culture, you will discover a whole new place of intimacy and knowledge of God as you begin to multiply the very message of Jesus that has transformed hearts for two-thousand years. The Biblical values and rhythms facilitated during lecture will become a way of life as dependence on God increases.

Outreach is intended to stretch staff and students to live by obedience, rather than comfort, control, and convenience. We aim to let missions become a way of life, not a season or a foreign place we go. Rhythms on outreach will include, but are definitely not limited to;

  • Cultivating individual intimacy with God

  • Prayer & Worship

  • Evangelism in Word and deed

  • Mercy ministries providing for basic needs

  • Serving & encouraging the local body of Christ

  • Teaching, training and preaching

  • Starting Discovery Bible studies

Where will you go on outreach? Awaken has a number of specific countries that we are committed to on each continent. We also try to allow for each unique group of school leaders and staff to be lead by God in selecting outreach locations. Teams are typically between 8-12 people. Thus, the number of teams and location options depends on the amount of students in the school. Teams are formed early on in the 3-month training phase so that you can begin to engage with the Lord’s heart for your outreach nation. 


1-2 Weeks
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

After completing the outreach portion of our Awaken schools, all our teams will return to Kona for at least a week. We will either be on base or be brought up to the Makapala retreat center on the North Side of the Big Island.

This time is meant to create space to process and understand what you’ve experienced before going home. We will continue to talk through what following Jesus looks like in a career, at university, working in ministry, or going into long-term missions. Our goal is to solidify our values in order to see life from this new perspective of being on mission for Jesus in whatever we do in life. Finally, we will return to Kona and have a couple days to graduate.


January 2020 School: January 2nd - June 18th, 2020
July 2020 School: July 2nd - December 10th, 2020


Lecture: $3995
Outreach: $5395*

Includes meals, accommodation & tuition fees
*Prices are subject to change. 



Paul Kang


Kaleigh Schrag


Sang Ha Le




Grant + Taylor Ozment


Mike + Megan Schein